Outsourcing thermogram interpretation requirements relieves practitioners of a burdensome learning experience, but examination protocol and image acquisition techniques are topics that must be mastered by every thermographer.

These subjects are easy to learn despite assertions to the contrary by those offering costly and unnecessarily time consuming courses in capturing thermographic images of the body.

TAS recognizes its obligation to teach practitioners how to assure images submitted for evaluation and interpretation are high quality and display all information required to maximize the accurate and objective analysis of the examination.

Training and certification for TAS clients is without cost, travel, or obligation for continued services.

TAS's training takes less than two hours for medical professionals and technicians to master the elements essential to conducting a credible examination. There is no need for expensive weekend training. The entire training session takes place within the framework of your practice.

TAS teaches how to conduct a meaningful examination with emphasis on adhering to the strict examination protocol and capturing high integrity images.

TAS provides instruction in the following subjects (Click titles to read instructional materials):


Contrary to myth, there is no accredited board or accredited academic organization to certify the competency of thermographers or thermologists. When proficiency conducting thermographic examinations is consistently demonstrated by a TAS client, a certificate evidencing that achievement is issued by TAS.