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ThermEval Thyroid Examination Findings Report
Patient: John Doe
DOB: 06/12/56
Examination Date: 04/10/12
Practitioner: Benjamin Brady MD
Analysis performed: 04/11/12

Presentation: This 56-year old male reports: History of hyperthyroidism. Additional factors known to elevate this patient's risk of developing thyroid disease include patient is smoker and previous illness.

Pre-Examination:   The examination was performed in the morning. The patient underwent thermal equilibration for 10 - 15 minutes, with the temperature of the examination room 68°F - 72°F. This examination was performed consistent with recommended protocol for thermal examinations.
The images for this examination were acquired using an infrared sensitive camera. Views include the areas over the right and left thyroid lobes, and a frontal view of the area over the full thyroid and surrounding regions.

Summary:   This thermographic examination of the region over the thyroid gland is positive for indications of thyroid disorder.

Examination and Observations:
  Notes: 1) Descriptions of the areas studied refer to the surface area above the subject organ and not
to the organ itself.
Thyroid Examination:   Two abnormal thermal emissions are observed. Elevated emission (1.0°C) is seen from the area over the right thyroid lobe, and reduced emission (-1.0°C) is seen from the area over the left thyroid lobe.

Impressions:  Abnormal thyroid thermogram;

Thyroid Function   This thermographic examination of the region above the thyroid is positive for thyroid disorder. There are two contibuting abnormal indications.

The area over the right thyroid lobe exhibits a diffuse pattern of elevated emission suggesting diffuse-nodular hyper-activation of the right thyroid lobe. The area over the left thyroid lobe exhibits a focused pattern of reduced emission suggesting functional activity decrease in the left thyroid lobe.

Conclusions:   Notes: A positive thermographic study is not a diagnosis of illness or disease. It provides an objective means for evaluating a specific

indication of risk for disease and the need for comprehensive evaluation. Similarly, a negative, equivocal or borderline thermographic finding does not preclude the possible presence of significant pathology.

Thyroid Function:   Positive thermal finding of thyroid dysfunction with unknown cause. Clinical correlation is required.