Breast examination interpretation:
$45 each

Charges shall be made for each examination submitted by the practitioner and evaluated by TAS, as evidenced by the generation of a Thermography Findings Report. Charges are incurred concurrent with the generation of the Report and apply to thermogram and examination evaluations.

Fees Incurred: Fees are incurred concurrent with the generation and email delivery of the Findings Report.

Payment Terms: An invoice or debit memo accompanies each Report for your recording purposes. At the start of each month, a statement of outstanding charges is emailed to each client. Payment is due on receipt of this monthly statement.

Payments: Payments are made through the TAS site using PayPal© to process credit card or bank transfers.

Familarization Discount – First Two Interpretations Free – The first two interpretations using the TAS Thermography Evaluation Services incur no charge.