Gold Standard Breast Thermography Interpretations

TAS delivers quick, accurate and credible assessments of the recorded thermal patterns of the human breast.
Many reading services embrace abbreviated interpretation methods to cut down the time required for the labor intensive task of interpreting breast thermograms. Conversely, the TAS breast thermogram reading service is fully compliant with the international standard breast thermogram interpretation protocol (Gautherie methodology).
Specifically, the interpretation method used by TAS to assess risk of pathology appraises twenty-two important qualitative and quantitative thermopathological markers. The methodology embodies a 15-year clinical study of more than 110,000 symptomatic patients supplemented with current medical knowledge based on 300,000+ studies, and is augmented to take advantage of modern technology.
Using the service is easy. Submit examination images for evaluation with a mouse click and receive a comprehensive Report of Thermographic Findings by email within 72-hours, and typically within 24-hours.