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Thermogram Assessment Services specializes in thermal image interpretation reading services for breast thermography examinations.

Outstanding service, products, pioneering work in thermography, and innovative creations set TAS apart from all others. Our latest innovation, Spatial Thermal Imaging©, ushers in a new era in noninvasive imaging.

Spatial Thermal Imaging (STI) virtually peels away tissue to reveal subcutaneous anatomical details from a standard thermographic image. These visualizations disclose details that otherwise would remain hidden, and seeing those details brings clearer understanding. Seeing more means knowing more.

STI dramatically enhances the intrinsic value and credibility of the thermographic examination, bringing immeasurable benefits to practitioners and their patients. This tool is essential when the goal is to provide the best service to patients.

It's been said that one picture is worth a thousand words, and anyone who has analyzed medical thermal images or attempted to explain thermography findings to a patient knows how useful an anatomical image would be. See for yourself by clicking through the images below, how STI fulfills the need for that 'one picture,' and how that picture can reveal otherwise occult issues:

Standard (320px X 240px) thermal images suggesting moderate thermal abnormality. The STI image reveals a large mass affiliated with a dominant vessel, later confirmed by MRI as a cluster of three malignant tumors.
This slide compares Spatial Thermal Imaging, STI, with mammography, MRI, and conventional thermograpy imaging of a cluster of three malignant tumors spanning six mm. It demonstrates STI's advantages over mammography and traditional thermal imaging and it is somewhat competitive with MRI.
STI images traversing the breast revealing multiple details. The smallest tumor detected (upper-right in the magnified image) is smaller than 2mm.
The conventional thermal images suggest possible occlusion in the left carotid artery. The STI detailed image reveals the artery only to be 'thermally shielded' by external tissue.
With Spatial Thermal Imaging, thermal images of the spine are significantly easier to read, with previously occult details revealed.

Our Offerings

♦  Breast Thermography Examination Interpretation/Reading Services

Not all reading services are created equal. The TAS reading service achieves unsurpassed results using international gold standard interpretation methodology. A comprehensive risk analysis report with STI observations is typically delivered within 24 hours of image submittal via the internet. TAS does not charge for training, there is no minimum submittal requirement, and interpretations are competitively priced.  Read more »

♦  Image Analysis Software With Spatial Thermal Imaging

TAS Image Analysis Software, not yet available for sale, demonstrates TAS innovative technical capability. It is an integrated suite of advanced, yet easy-to-use thermal-image enhancement tools facilitating quick and accurate analysis of thermal images. Spatial Thermal Imaging is the core application, accompanied by a set of complementary image processing, enhancement, and analytical tools.   Read more »

♦  Experience, Knowledge and Proven Capabilities

TAS isn't new. In many ways, we wrote the book on thermographic examinations. The strict examination protocol employed for thermographic examinations was first introduced by TAS's principal in 1982, as was the first computer-aided breast thermogram interpretation software program. Both were embraced by the thermology community as standard protocols then, and their underlying philosophies and methods continue in widespread use today.

Disclaimer: TAS embraces thermal imaging as an efficacious diagnostic tool and prognosticator of functional disorder; however, TAS also recognizes and cautions others that medical thermography is an adjunct to other diagnostic methods, and not a sole screening or standalone diagnostic modality.